We specialize in Custom Computers as well as custom servers. You can purchase our standard builds below, or click on the form to get an instant quote on a custom PC based on our stocked parts. For a truly custom computer, fill out our quote form on the link below.

Choose a case from the selection below
Standard Black Case With 500 watt Power Supply ($40.00)
Standard Black Case Blue Light Fans With 500 watt Power Supply ($40.00)
Standard Black Case with card reader With 500 watt Power Supply ($45.00)
Shiney Black Case Blue Light With 550 watt Power Supply ($70.00)

Choose a Motherboard from the selection below. Please make sure that your processor type matches your motherboard selection
AMD Biostar Motherboard ($50.00)
AMD ASUS Motherboard ($90.00)
Intel Biostar Motherboard ($60.00)
Intel ASUS Motherboard ($80.00)

Please choose a processor from the selection below. Double check whether you picked an AMD or Intel motherboard before choosing a processor
AMD Athlon II X3 3.3Ghz Tri-Core Processor ($85.00)
AMD Athlon II X4 3.1Ghz Quad-Core Processor ($110.00)
Intel Core i3 3.1Ghz Dual Core Processor ($120.00)
Intel Core i5 2.9Ghz Quad Core Processor ($200.00)

Choose how much memory you want in your system
1GB Ram ($9.00)
2GB Ram ($10.00)
4GB Ram ($20.00)
8GB Ram ($40.00)

Choose an Optical drive
22x DVD Burner ($22.00)
24x DVD Burner ($25.00)
Blu-ray Reader / DVD Burner ($68.00)
Blu-ray Burner / DVD Burner ($90.00)

Choose a hard drive size
160GB Hard Drive ($80.00)
250GB Hard Drive ($93.00)
500GB Hard Drive ($100.00)
1TB Hard Drive ($120.00)

Please choose a monitor, or if you already have one, select "No Monitor"
No Monitor ($0.00)
18" Monitor ($90.00)
20" Monitor ($110.00)
22" Monitor ($140.00)
23" Monitor ($150.00)

Choose an Operating System, or select none if you prefer to install your own.
No Operating System ($0.00)
Ubuntu Linux ($0.00)
Fedora Linux ($0.00)
Windows 7 Home 32 Bit ($100.00)
Windows 7 Home 64 Bit ($100.00)
Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit ($140.00)
Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit ($140.00)
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit ($190.00)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit ($190.00)

Please choose whether or not you want a keyboard / mouse / speaker set with your computer
No Keyboard ($0.00)
Black Keyboard, Mouse, and Speaker Set ($20.00)

Select an Office Suite or select "No Office Software" if you dont want one.
No Office Software ($0.00)
Open Office ($0.00)
Microsoft Office Home and Student ($120.00)
Microsoft Office Home and Business ($220.00)